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Steps You Need to Know in Developing a Dating App like Tinder

Wish to build an app like Tinder? Online dating is the best market to invest and it is estimated to reach $2.2 billion by 2020. An average dater spends $243 per year on online dating and nearly 50 million people have tried dating apps like Tinder and Match. People wish to meet their potential match in online these days.

All you need is an advanced and customizable application like Tinder. There are two ways in app development, the first is to design the app from scratch and the other is to buy clone apps. Many entrepreneurs are now interested in entering the on-demand dating industry with Tinder clone as it helps them to save time and money.

Here’s a list of features you should include in your application to make it a great hit in the market,

  • Discovery settings

  • Virtual Geolocation

  • Gender interest

  • Age-based matches

  • Discovery settings

  • Instant notifications

AppDupe, one of the leading companies in app development offers a highly customizable Tinder clone with top-notch features. Their developers will help you develop the application in the language and currency of your choice. Get in touch with them right away.

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